Monday, April 29, 2013

More venue tours

We've made a little progress since I last posted about planning our wedding; we've decided to tie the knot in St. Louis! Why? Because we'll have lots more options than we will in Columbia, and it'll be easier for everyone coming in from out of town to celebrate with us.

Last Wednesday, April 24, Tom and I spent the day in St. Louis checking out four wedding venues: Moulin, Third Degree Glass Factory, Lumen, and the St. Louis Airport Marriott. Our feelings about them spanned the spectrum; we loved one, liked one, didn't like one, and felt indifferent about one.

Touring venues has started to make this all feel real. In fact, I had an emotional moment after touring the venue we loved and realizing that we might be able to get married this fall rather than next spring (like we wanted all along). I actually got teary-eyed just thinking about how everything could fall into place! People say you cry when you find THE dress, but what about THE venue/date? We haven't booked anything yet, but maybe it's a sign...

We have a few more tours lined up in St. Louis over the next few weeks. Then, my dad and stepmom will fly in from Dallas for Memorial Day weekend to help us choose the location and sign the paperwork. In less than one month, we'll know when and where we're getting married!

In the meantime, we've been trying to narrow down our guest list, and I've been picturing some of the fun details of our wedding, such as what our decor will look like and what the bridesmaids will wear. I can't wait to get to the fun details of our big day :)

Stay tuned!
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