Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 in Review

rang in the new year with Boyfriend, got adjusted (kind of) to post-grad life, went to Israel on the trip of a lifetime, and celebrated three wonderful years with Boyfriend
got adventurous in the kitchen, celebrated (from afar) my fourth Valentine's Day with Boyfriend, enjoyed a day with my siblings, published my third blog for USA Today College, continued my lifelong record for no cavities, and tried my hand at yoga
went to Houston to celebrate my best friend's baby shower, cheered Boyfriend on as he started his new job, got reacquainted with Zumba, found out 22 reasons why I'm awesome, celebrated my 22nd birthday, spent a wonderful weekend in CoMo with Boyfriend (and got my first little blue box), ate some amazing (and pretty) cupcakes, completed a 5k for the Make a Wish Foundation, did my first cleanse, and signed the lease for my first apartment
celebrated Passover with my family, cried for joy when my best friend welcomed her little girl, went on a best friend date, spent a little time in Columbia, finally saw The Hunger Games, traveled to Kansas City to celebrate the marriage on a Phi Mu sister, left my job of a year and a half, listened to "Call Me Maybe" way too many times, purged and packed up all of my stuff, and soaked up every last minute with my family
said goodbye to my family, drove to Columbia with Boyfriend and all of my stuff, moved out of my parents' house and into an apartment with Boyfriend, adjusted to cohabitating life, started a new job, got comfortable in the kitchen, checked places off of my bars in Columbia list, started setting up the apartment, got some beautiful furniture (for free!), spent some time with great friends, soaked up the sun at the pool, and traveled to Dallas for a long weekend
witnessed my little brother graduate from high school, enjoyed time with my grandparents, continued setting up the apartment, got a big girl haircut, watched my writing get published all over the Internet, went to my first Cardinals' game with my work, road tripped to Louisville to watch Boyfriend's dad get married, spent a week on the beach in Destin with Boyfriend's family, flew to Dallas to go on vacation with my family
spent a week in China with my family (experienced public restrooms like I never had before, ate foods with heads on them, etc.), spent a night in Chicago, sat a few seats away from Olivia Wilde on an airplane, celebrated Boyfriend's 23rd birthday, published an article for USA Today College, learned how bad I am at skeet shooting, saw The Dark Knight Rises, went to Boyfriend's company pool party/picnic, went to Kansas City to celebrate Boyfriend's cousin's 21st birthday, spent a fun weekend with friends in Columbia, planned a big surprise
went to my first happy hour with work, spent a day at the lake with my coworkers, took advantage of the opportunity to be published in a book, went to my first Phi Mu Alumnae chapter event, moved to a new awesome office, hosted our first mini dinner party, volunteered at The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri, enjoyed a weekend with friends in from out of town, went to the new Shakespeare's Pizza, started volunteering at the Central Missouri Humane Society, went to a new high-tech dentist and continued my lifelong record for no cavities, got my own health insurance, finally started hanging pictures in the apartment
said goodbye to my sweet Carterboy, raised funds for the humane society by working the Pizza Hut stand at Mizzou's first home football game of the season, spent time with Boyfriend's parents and extended family in Columbia, enjoyed a relaxing Labor Day weekend, tailgated and cheered Mizzou on during their first season in the SEC, adopted our favorite little puppy, had a meaningful date night, networked at the kick-off event for Start Up Columbia
welcomed Jibboom home, enjoyed having my dad and stepmom in Columbia for a weekend, smiled as my parents and Boyfriends' parents met for the first time, spent time training and loving on the pup, got a new phone and a new futon and a new TV, finally ate at Sycamore, welcomed friends to town for Mizzou's 101st Homecoming, attempted to relive my college barhopping nights, started doing Pure Barre (and won two free weeks of classes), published another article for USA Today College, volunteered at the Food Bank with my Phi Mu alumnae sisters
kept on doing Pure Barre, started puppy training classes with Jibboom, voted, went on a date to Bangkok Gardens, introduced Jibboom and Kaylee (Boyfriend's mom and sister's dog) in St. Louis, continued my big lie that we couldn't make it to Dallas for Thanksgiving, kept on volunteering at the Humane Society, enjoyed an evening of painting and fun with my Phi Mu sisters at The Canvas on Broadway, had an awesome night out with boyfriend that may or may not have included a karaoke rendition of "Call Me Maybe," spent a night in Kansas City with Sherbs and Justin, surprised my family in Dallas for Thanksgiving and my mom's birthday, thoroughly took advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday
decorated the apartment for the holidays (complete with a menorah and mini Christmas tree), watched proudly as Jibboom graduated from puppy kindergarten, celebrated Jibboom's first birthday (complete with a custom birthday cake from Lizzi & Rocco's, a jumbo rope toy, and lots and lots of pictures), drove myself crazy trying to find the perfect holiday party outfits, made homemade Christmas candy, splurged on a pair of boots and then promptly sent them back (and then splurged on another), got a jump start on holiday shopping, enjoyed having my brother stay with us for a weekend, said goodbye to two friends as they moved to Florida, enjoyed dinner with some long lost Columbia favorites in St. Louis, celebrated my first Christmas ever with both sides of Boyfriend's family, went to not one not two but THREE holiday parties, almost had a heart attack because of a work catastrophe and then was confused yet pleased by the aftermath, hosted my best friend and her sweet family for a night, rang in the new year with Boyfriend and his coworkers

“May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you're wonderful, and don't forget to make some art -- write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.” - Neil Gaiman

Happy New Year!
Here's to a wonderful 2013!

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