Sunday, November 18, 2012

What we've been up to

Jibboom's been rocking it out at puppy training classes. Well he rocks it out hard core when we're at home. The dogs/people/air in class are WAY too interesting for him to show off his smarts. (I'm pretty sure the instructors think we're the biggest liars ever because we tell her each week how good he does when we practice.)

I've been Pure Barre-ing, and I LOVE IT! I feel stronger and I see definition in places I've never had it before. I'm even motivated to go work out before work AT 5:30 AM, PEOPLE! If that doesn't say something, I don't know what does! Don't know what Pure Barre is? Check it out here. If you're in Columbia, MO and want to join me at the barre, let me know. I'd love to show you the ropes!

Boyfriend's been working hard as usual. And being the ultimate puppy cuddler. That's hard work too, you know.
We celebrated Mizzou's 101st Homecoming with lots of friends in from out of town (happy hour, House Decs, tailgating, watching the game, going out, the works). It's too bad Mizzou didn't have a better inaugural season in the SEC, but you can't win them all. Literally.
We've I've been holiday shopping. In addition to figuring out what we're getting everyone in our families for Chrismukkah, I've also been deciding what to get my mom, sister, and brother for their birthdays. Because, of course, their birthdays all fall in November and December.

Speaking of birthdays, this little guy's first birthday is December 4. Puppy graduation happens to be the same day. That is, if Boomy butt can pull it together and not let his doggy ADD get the best of him during his "test" Nevertheless, I'm already planning. There will be cake, and a huge rope toy, and pictures. Lots of pictures. Maybe even a birthday hat, too. (Speaking of butts, have I mentioned just one more reason why we're obsessed with our little Jibboom? World, meet the cutest little heart butt you've ever seen. Picture courtesy of Jessica over at Lizzi & Rocco's, aka the best pet store ever. We love them.) (Also, we're 100% aware that we're THOSE puppy parents, and we're 100% okay with it.)
I spent this past Thursday night painting, sipping on wine, and enjoying conversation with my Phi Mu sisters at our alumnae chapter event for November. It was at The Canvas on Broadway, which is a paint studio that walks you through how to paint an adorable picture while you socialize. I'm not artistic AT ALL, so I was terrified, but it ended up being a lot of fun! My painting isn't great, but I had a great time. I mean, it's a little difficult to paint a straight line when you've had a glass (or 3) of wine. I was just going for the abstract look, okay? (Sidenote: that night might or might not have ended with me and Boyfriend doing karaoke to Call Me Maybe, but that's a story for another time. Or not. Whatever.)
Before--Daunting, no?
The finished product! Not amazing, but I'm pretty proud.
My dad and stepmom came to visit for a weekend. We showed them our apartment, enjoyed a few yummy meals, officiated a meeting with Boyfriend's dad and stepmom, and, of course, introduced them to Jibboom.
We've been trying to socialize Jibboom as much as possible, and that means meeting a lot of new friends--human and canine. We took Boomy to the dog park last weekend and he LOVED it. Here he is with Remi, our friends Harrison and Alex's dog. They really hit it off, and we can't wait for play dates.
We voted. Did you? We were also featured in the Columbia Missourian's "WE VOTED" story (on the one day I didn't wear makeup, of course).
I have big plans coming up for this little blog of mine. Like, remember when I went to Israel 10 months ago? Yeah, me too. Stay tuned!
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