Friday, October 19, 2012

It's finally fall!

I've been enjoying...
pumpkin cookies
pumpkin spice lattes
pumpkin candles
fall baking (recipes here and here)
this face
fall fun/food day at work
pumpkin carving
a pumpkin carving competition
holiday scentsy scents (cozy fireside, sugared vanilla shortbread, hot apple pie, and whiteout)
a new scentsy warmer
these colors at my apartment complex
and these
these boys (check out Boyfriend's Halloween PJ pants)

Monday, October 15, 2012


Although being a "grown up" in a college town has a few drawbacks from time to time, being around for Mizzou's inaugural season in the SEC has been a ton of fun! We decided not to splurge on tickets for any of the games, but we've had a blast tailgating and watching the games around town with friends!

Here are a few pictures of our football festivities!
A look at the new field before the first home game
There were some weeks I didn't take any pictures, and I'm still waiting on photos from a few friends, but that's a quick glimpse of what a few of our weekends have looked like recently!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Addition

So for a few months now, we've been volunteering at the local humane society. And every time we go, there's a little pup (or five) that captures our hearts. One day about a month ago, a black and white spotted pit bull pup caught our eye, so we took him outside to play. And we were smitten. It was puppy love at first sight.
It must have been something about his floppy ears, his big brown eyes, his adorable puppy romp, or the almost-perfect black spot on the middle of his back.
A few pics from his profile on the humane society's website--Such a stud!
So we talked about adopting him, but he broke all of our apartment's pet rules. He was just a little bit too big, just a little bit too young, and an "aggressive" breed. (We realized as soon as we met him that he's actually the sweetest, most cuddly little guy ever. Not an aggressive bone in his body.) So we said goodbye and hoped that someone who loved him as much as we did would give him a good home.

When we went back to the shelter the next week, he was still there (looking as cute as ever, I might add). And the next week. And the next week. And I'm convinced that he remembered us because he got so excited and came up to the door of his run each and every time we walked by. We didn't understand why this sweet boy hadn't been adopted yet. Turns out he was waiting for us.

We sent an email to our apartment office explaining how sweet he is and how we wanted to give him a good home (we also attached a picture hoping his cuteness would win them over), but we never heard back. We assumed they thought the little guy broke too many rules. Then one day about a week later, Boyfriend went in to pay our rent and casually mentioned that we had been volunteering and wanted to adopt the little guy. Turns out all of the girls in the office have pits and/or pit mixes. About ten minutes later, we got a phone call telling us we were approved and off we went to the humane society.

Jibboom (he came with that name, but we think it kind of suits him) came home last Monday and we're only growing more obsessed with him by the day. He spent a few days in his cone of shame, but now that it's off, he couldn't be a happier, more cuddly puppy. He's somewhere between 7 and 10 months old, and we're busy working on his puppy manners. We love him, and we're so happy he's a part of our family!

A few pics from the day he came home:
My boys :)
Expect tons of pictures and stories about this little guy. He's pretty much the center of our world right now. :)

A few pics since then:
Hate hate hating his cone of shame
Being a champ at his first vet appointment
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