Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What We've Been Up To

  • seeing movies (The Dark Knight Rises, The Campaign, and The Avengers to be exact)
  • volunteering at The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri and more recently (and more often) the Central Missouri Humane Society
  • cheering on my little brother as he starts his freshman year at Texas A&M and my little sister as she starts 5th grade
  • devouring every episode of Downton Abbey from start to finish (well, maybe that was just me)--January 6 can't come soon enough.
  • spending time with local friends and friends who make the drive to see us
  • setting up the apartment even more, mostly hanging pictures
  • waiting for people to click on my Shabby Apple ad ;)
  • enjoying Labor Day weekend (and 32 oz. long island iced teas) with Boyfriend's family
  • going to the dentist
  • working hard (and moving to a new awesome office and mentally preparing for company paintballing next Friday...yep, I said paintballing)
  • figuring out how I'm going to use my three days of paid time off before they expire on October 31 (which is actually a lot harder than it sounds)
  • making plans for the next few months and having a lot to look forward to :)
  • buying a new car (well, that was Boyfriend, but I'm so so proud of him)
  • attending the kick off event for the Central Missouri Phi Mu Alumnae Chapter and looking forward to future sisterhood events
  • cooking so we don't go hungry

Israeli Salad: combine equal parts tomato and cucumber (I also added avocado), add green onions to taste, marinate in lemon juice overnight, serve chilled
Pulled BBQ Chicken: put chicken breasts in crock pot, cover with BBQ sauce, cook on low for appx. 8 hours, serve on hamburger (or hotdog) buns
Salad wrap: make your favorite salad and put inside a tortilla (This has shredded chicken, mozarella cheese, croutons, cherry tomatoes, and avocado in it.)
Sour cream chicken: recipe here
Please ignore all of those annoying empty lines above the photos. Don't know what that's all about.

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