Monday, August 6, 2012

Recent Writing and Recipes

Recent Writing:

10 money management tips for the recent grad

Why it’s Important to Hire the Right Employees in a Young Company

What is a Contractor’s Bond?

With surety bonds, insurance administrators in Idaho can file unaudited financial reports

What you need to know about the Security in Bonding Act of 2012

New surety bond requirement for private business and vocational schools in Illinois

SBA to streamline Surety Bond Guarantee application process for contractors

Recent Recipes:

Sautéed Tilapia with White Wine & Lemon Sauce (I didn't bread the fish, I used olive oil and lemon juice instead of Meyers Lemon Olive Oil, and I added mushrooms to the sauce.)
Edible Cookie Dough (No, I'm NOT preggo, I just wanted something yummy and sweet that wouldn't make me sick. I left out the salt from this recipe).

Yogurt-covered Blueberries (I used non-fat vanilla yogurt for this refreshing and healthy snack to munch on at work. I used a spoon instead of a toothpick to dip the blueberries. It was pretty easy, just be careful about shaking off the excess yogurt before you plop a blueberry onto the cookie sheet. A word of warning: keep these in the freezer until you're ready to eat them. Don't be surprised if they start melting once they've been out of the freezer for a few minutes. Best thing to do is eat a few, pop them back in the freezer for a little bit, and then eat a few more. It's good for portion control, too!)
Baked Ziti (I more or less used this recipe, estimating and slightly altering where appropriate. I added spinach and chopped mushrooms to give us some veggies, and I used regular red sauce since that's what I had in the house. I also covered the entire dish with shredded mozzarella before putting it in the oven, which is always a good choice. If you make this recipe, make enough to have leftovers. It tastes better the second day, and we had enough leftovers for several lunches.)
I'll post my enchilada recipe soon!

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