Monday, August 27, 2012

Beach Vacation

The night of Thursday, June 21 (do we really need to talk about how behind I am again?), Boyfriend and I drove to St. Louis. Bright and early the next morning, we packed up, picked up Boyfriend's sister, and hit the road for Louisville, Kentucky. Why? Because Boyfriend's dad was getting married!

The five(ish) hour ride was pretty status quo, and we arrived in Louisville in the early afternoon. I was promptly introduced to most of Boyfriend's extended family, including his sweet grandparents, and then we left the group to go get ready for the wedding.

The wedding took place at the Peterson-Dumesnil House, which is a beautiful, historical estate in Louisville. When we got to the venue, Boyfriend ran around helping his dad and setting up music for the ceremony, and I mingled with some of Boyfriend's cousins, who are all girls around my age. It was so nice to finally meet them and get to know them a little bit!

The ceremony was short and heartfelt, and the reception--which took place on the large, Southern-style wrap-around porch--was complete with a delicious dinner, music, touching toasts, and great conversation. I really enjoyed mingling with Boyfriend's family and celebrating his dad and new stepmom's marriage. I was even included in some family photos!
On Saturday morning, everyone met for breakfast before heading their separate ways to head back home. We (Boyfriend, Boyfriend's sister, Boyfriend's dad, Boyfriend's stepmom, her two daughters, one of their friends, and myself), on the other hand, all loaded up the cars and hit the road for Destin! I had never been on a true beach vacation before, and my family isn't the best at relaxing on our vacations, so I was extremely excited to soak up the sun on the beach for a few days! The 10-ish hour drive went pretty smoothly for our car (except for the fact that we were inexplicably flashed the finger by several drivers throughout Alabama...which ended up being a pretty funny story to tell later on).
We arrived in Destin that night, explored our big beautiful beach house, and went to bed soon after. The next morning, we woke up to rain and winds from tropical storm Debbie--and what a Debbie Downer she was. We spent the first day waiting out the rain and relaxing around the house. It was still rainy the next day, but I was dying to see the beach, so Boyfriend and I went for a walk by the water. I was surprised at how many people were enjoying the view despite the weather! That night, everyone went out for a delicious sushi dinner.
The next day was hot, sunny, and the perfect day to lay out on the beach, so that's exactly what we did! We walked about a mile from our house to the beach and then another mile or so to the state park where we set up camp. It was pretty much a private beach! I spent some time in the water with Boyfriend, and I soaked up the sun on the sand for a little while. I was in absolute heaven! That night, Boyfriend and I cooked dinner for everyone. After dinner, we all went to a cheesy souvenir shop for neon Destin t-shirts, and then we went out for ice cream.
On Wednesday morning, Boyfriend, Boyfriend's sister, Boyfriend's dad and stepmom, and I went out to breakfast at Another Broken Egg in Baytowne Wharf. Breakfast was delicious, and I enjoyed walking around the little village and checking out all of the cute shops. After breakfast, all of us girls went shopping at a nearby outlet mall, and then it was back to the beach to enjoy another sunny day! This time, everyone went, and we all had a blast in the water and laying out. We went out for a fancy seafood dinner that night at 790 on the Gulf. Our table was facing the beach and we had a beautiful view of the surf at sunset.
The next morning, we all got up early to go parasailing! Parasailing has been on my bucket list for a long time, so I was so excited to go. When it was Boyfriend's and my turn to go up, I was a little nervous, but it ended up being a blast. I couldn't believe how high up we were and how blue the water below us was. We even saw a shark while we were up in the air! I, of course, was freaking out, but Boyfriend thought it was awesome. I absolutely loved it! After parasailing, it was time for me to pack up and say goodbye to everyone. The family was staying in Destin until Saturday, but I had to leave on Thursday to fly to Dallas so I could leave on my family vacation the next day (more to come soon). I was sad to leave the beautiful beach, but I thanked Boyfriend's family for including me in their celebration and family vacation, said goodbye to Boyfriend, and caught my flight to Dallas!

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