Monday, July 16, 2012

Leap of Faith

I finally have a free moment to show my little blog a little love, and I'm ready to hit the ground running with a post that I've been meaning to write for a while.

I've touched on this before, but after I graduated, I didn't really know what the future held for me. Sure, I knew I was going to Israel for two weeks and, thankfully, my internship asked me to come back on as a full-time employee, but once Israel had come and gone, I didn't have any specific plans for my future. That was something really new to me, something I'd never experienced before.

During this time, I was living at home with my parents, which was fine, but at 21 (almost 22 at the time), I was ready to move out and be on my own (or at least with a roommate).

Soon after graduation, Boyfriend got a job in Columbia, which meant that he was staying in the same town where he had gone to school. I was so proud of Boyfriend for landing his first "big boy" job so soon after graduating. I also knew that this job placement meant that we needed to make some big decisions. Yes, I had a job in Dallas, but I made the decision that I was ready to move on. And Boyfriend and I made the decision that it was time for me to move in.

So, I began my job search--something that ended up being hard to do from 600 miles away from my target market. While most people understood my reasoning for moving to Missouri, they didn't understand how I expected to leave Dallas--a huge city with a strong economy--move to a college town, and find a job (especially a job in my field). I got discouraged a few times, but I kept searching. Eventually, I landed a few phone interviews, but nothing really came of them.

By the time April rolled around, Boyfriend had started his new job, and we decided that I would move up with or without a job at the beginning of May. I gave my notice to my job, enjoyed a wonderful going away party thrown by my fabulous coworkers, and had my last day on April 27. All the while, I was busy packing, looking for a job, getting my family used to the idea of me leaving, and tying up all loose ends. In the midst of all of this, I managed to schedule two interviews for the week I moved to Columbia.

In addition to moving, I was stressed about not having a job, and I was really counting on one of my interviews to be the right fit. Luckily, my first interview--which took place on the Tuesday after I moved--went wonderfully! I had reached out to this company on a whim while I was still in Dallas, so I was amazed that they had any open positions. They were impressed with my marketing experience and my writing skills, and I was offered the job the night of the interview, just three days after arriving in town.

I lucked out. Big time.

The best part is, I really like my job. A lot. I'm the executive writer and a marketing specialist at one of the nation's leading surety bond producers. Yes, I'm working in an industry that I have to research on a daily basis, but I learn something new every day, and I'm constantly expanding and finessing my writing and marketing skills. Plus, it's a super relaxed environment with a great group of people.

Like I said, I lucked out.

I'm so thankful that things worked out so well and so quickly. I'm thankful that I had the work experience I had to impress my current employers. Most of all, I'm happy that I took that leap of faith and moved up here to take the next step with Boyfriend and the next step in my professional life.

I guess this means I'm a real person (aka self-sufficient, independent adult) now, huh? Weird. But I am extremely grateful that, at 22, I have a pretty good idea about where my life--at least my life for the next few years--is going to go.
Winston, the office dog

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