Monday, June 18, 2012

Recently and Coming Up

Boyfriend and I made our very own Memorial Day feast of beer brats and burgers! Yum!
The Grill Master strikes again
A paid day off from work to spend together? We'll take it!
I traveled to Dallas for a long weekend to watch my not-so-little brother graduate from high school and enjoy a fun-filled family weekend.
We enjoyed do-it-yourself s'mores at one of our favorite restaurants on an impromptu date night.
We acquired even more furniture for free, including a love seat, a table and two chairs, and a small bookcase. I seriously don't think we could have been more lucky with getting stuff for the apartment. Pictures to come when the apartment isn't a total wreck.

I had a girls' night out with two of my best friends at Whiskey Wild.
Boyfriend and I attended my work's summer event--watching a Cardinals' game from an all-inclusive suite! It was my first Cards' game ever, and even this Rangers' fan had a blast!
We've been cooking up a storm!
Cheeseburgers, baked beans, and Caesar salad
Grandma's Homemade Mac and Cheese--recipe to come
Tuna Croquettes--recipe (that's so easy it can hardly be called a recipe) to come
Honey Lime Grilled Chicken--recipe here
I enjoyed lunch on the Mizzou quad on a beautiful day with two of my best friends.
I went out to celebrate my friend Anna's last night in town before her and her hubby moved back to St. Louis.
Boyfriend and I went on a total Columbia date--pizza at Shakespeare's, ice cream at Sparky's, and walking around downtown. Jill joined us, and we managed to listen in on the Girl Talk concert (perfectly, might I add) without paying a cent!
Boyfriend and I enjoyed breakfast with his cousin (who happens to live across the street from us) over the weekend. It was great to get to know her a little bit, especially because we'll be rooming together this weekend at Boyfriend's dad's wedding.

Speaking of which, here's what's on the agenda for the next two weeks:

Working Monday-Thursday and packing at night, driving to St. Louis after work on Thursday, hitting the road for Louisville early Friday morning, celebrating at Boyfriend's dad's wedding on Friday night, packing up and driving to Destin on Saturday, enjoying the beach with Boyfriend and his family, flying from Destin to Dallas on Thursday, enjoying some time with my family, and leaving for China on Friday

It's going to be a busy and action-packed few weeks, and I can't wait!!! Needless to say, I won't be able to post while I'm gone, but stay tuned for some pictures and stories from my travels when I get back!

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