Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Oddly Normal

Before Boyfriend and I moved in together, everyone warned us about the transition period. Heck, even I anticipated a few battles when we were setting up the apartment, falling into a routine, and getting used to being around each other 24/7. Even after almost three and a half years of dating, I didn't expect to go from living more than 600 miles apart to living together in a two-bedroom apartment without a few hiccups.

And we did have a few hiccups at the very beginning. Nothing major, but definitely some instances when we butted heads and opinions. They all blew over within a matter of minutes, though--usually with a few silent moments and a good hug.

Honestly, I'm surprised at how normal living with Boyfriend is. I asked him about his take on the situation a week or so ago, and he pretty much said the same thing. It's like we've been living together for a long time.

The fact that two months ago, we were finishing up a two-year long distance stint blows my mind. It just seems so far from where we are now--in the absolute best way.

Sure, I wish he'd clean the George Foreman the night he makes dinner rather than three nights later, and I wish he'd spend a little less time on his computer. And sure, he wishes I'd put my shoes away, rinse the dishes better, and do a better job of cleaning the sink after I do my makeup, but things are good. Really good. And oddly normal.

I like it. :)

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Ashley said...

that's how I felt, too. Everyone is all "wow, living with a guy is a HUGE change!"...and it wasn't. First of all, I had a boy roommate in college...I'm used to yelling at someone to use a glass instead of drinking straight out of the carton. Secondly, J and I were together for four years before we moved in together - there were a couple things that we each had to adjust (like putting the toilet paper ON the holder, instead of on the sink, or not clipping toenails in the living room (...boys)), but overall it was the same.

Just a warning, once you get engaged everyone asks "does it feel different?!" and the answer is "nope!"...I'm sure it's the same once you get married.

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