Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just a few things

  1. Key lime flavoring + seltzer + vanilla custard = an old fashioned soda from Andy's (aka the most amazing thing ever)
  2. The Glee season finale--my tear ducts haven't worked that hard in a looong time
  3. Living with Boyfriend is so surprisingly normal (more on that later)
  4. I like my job (more on that later, too)
  5. My life is actually way more put together than I think it is most of the time (more on that later, as well)
  6. Israel posts are coming--seriously
  7. "Call Me Maybe" makes me smile every.single.time.
  8. Songify--get it for your phone (and use it for me because Blackberry doesn't recognize its awesomeness)
  9. I'm SO excited about my travels this summer
  10. Also the Cardinals game with work next weekend
  11. I'm procrastinating packing
  12. I'm going to Dallas tomorrow to see my baby brother graduate from high school--craaaaazy
  13. Having good friends nearby is
  14. I'm planning on reading Mockingjay on the plane tomorrow and Sunday--so excited
  15. Boyfriend made dinner--the best
  16. Okay, I'm really going to pack now

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