Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cleanse Confession

I have a confession to make. I started my cleanse last Monday super excited to do something good for my body, and I did do well. Kind of.

Just a little background: I did the Advocare Well Herbal Cleanse after one of my coworkers decided to do it and told me about it. The cleanse itself is pretty simple. It lasts for ten days total, and all you have to do is eat healthy (lots of fruits, veggies, and fresh food), drink a fiber shake, and take herbal cleanse tablets and probiotic tablets. On days one through three and days seven through ten, I drank a fiber shake in the morning and then ate a healthy snack (usually an apple with some peanut butter or some Greek yogurt with blueberries or blackberries) and drank a bunch of water right afterwards. On days one through six, I took two herbal cleanse tablets before bed. On days four through ten, I took two probiotic tablets about an hour before my first meal and/or the fiber shake. Like I said, pretty simple.

Last week, I did really well. Sure, there were a few meals that could have been a little fresher and more veggie-packed, but I totally cut out sweets and unhealthy snacking, and I only drank water. Most of my meals consisted of chicken breast or fish, rice, and veggies. Not too bad if I do say so myself!

I chose to get the citrus-flavored fiber shake, and getting those down every morning was a challenge. Sorry to be graphic, but the citrus shakes resemble vomit in about every way possible. I strongly recommend getting the peaches and cream flavor if you decide to do this cleanse. My coworker says it's delicious--so glad I know that now. Like with most cleanses, drinking a lot of water was a must. I've been trying to drink more water anyway, but I found myself constantly thirsty throughout the cleanse. Not a bad thing, just a word of warning.

I have to say that I felt awful on day three of the cleanse. Thanks to my body detoxing, I had no energy, had a headache all day, and literally felt like I'd been hit by a truck (or was really hungover minus the nausea). By the next day, though, I felt fantastic--full of energy, in a good mood, and just generally healthy! I can't say for sure if I lost any weight--I'm not a big believer in scales--but I do feel like I lost a few pounds. That may have more to do with all of the yoga and Zumba I've been doing, though.

So here comes the confession: I cheated a little on my cleanse this weekend. It wasn't too bad--just a couple of glasses of wine and a scoop of ice cream--but it totally threw me off. When it was time to start drinking the shake again on Monday morning, I had a really difficult time getting it down. To make matters worse, I fell asleep early on Monday night before I took the herbal tablets. I managed to chug the shake on Tuesday morning and take the supplements as directed, but I left my shake and probiotic tablets--the last ones of the entire cleanse--at home yesterday morning. I guess I could finish today or tomorrow, but I feel like the effort might be too little too late.

I'm very proud of how I did last week, but I'm disappointed that I couldn't stick with it for the full ten days. You best believe, however, that I'll be trying this cleanse again. Advocare recommends doing the cleanse every three months, so I plan on doing it when I get home from vacation in July.

Have you ever done a cleanse? Tell me about it!

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Sarah said...

I have never done a cleanse, but have heard a lot of people talking about them. I love eating healthy, but I'm not sure I would survive a cleanse =)

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