Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Early Birthday to Me!

I walked into work yesterday morning and was greeted by a mini early birthday party, complete with an adorable birthday banner, a completely decked out desk, a thoughtful card (including 22 reasons why I'm awesome), and probably the most amazing red velvet cupcakes I've ever had!

Thanks team! Y'all are wonderful, and you got my birthday off to a great start!

Some (okay, most) of the 22 reasons why I'm awesome made me laugh, so I thought I'd list them below. :)

  1. You've been working here the longest and, yet, you show no signs of burnout from writing about teeth and gums day after day.
  2. You single-handedly won the scavenger hunt for us! (More on that later...)
  3. You wore heels to your interview.
  4. You giggle at everything and brighten the room.
  5. You always look beautiful!
  6. You're never in a bad mood, even on the day you got in a wreck on the way to work!
  7. You have the scoop on everyone, all the time, including the royal family.
  8. You always have a good attitude, and you are always helpful.
  9. You have a fabulous shoe collection.
  10. You are a worthy scavenger hunt opponent.
  11. You were the first one to talk to me here. That is when I started to feel comfortable and knew I would love working with you!
  12. You are a great teacher and motivator! Your willingness to help others is wonderful!
  13. You think we have no "unfortunate people" working for us.
  14. You always get the job done!
  15. You have a great sense of humor that keeps me laughing throughout the day.
  16. You are always up for social events!
  17. You know what's going on with MyEmma. Good thing someone does.
  18. You are so "tweet."
  19. You are a sweetheart! Your fun personality is infectious (in a good way).
  20. You never call in sick.
  21. You work here. That's cool.
  22. You make everyone feel comfortable and included, whether that's in a conversation or social outing.
Thanks again, guys. You definitely made me smile!

And now a few photos from the party...

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