Friday, March 9, 2012

Checking Things Off the List!

Tomorrow is my 22nd birthday...and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it.

Nevertheless, let's take a look back at the list I came up with last year of things I wanted to accomplish before my 22nd birthday.
  1. Graduate from college- I can't wait to check this off the list!
  2. Take a vacation (even a mini-vaca) with Boyfriend
  3. Have an adventure- I have a few ideas in mind
  4. Learn to cook, and actually be decent at it
  5. Figure out what I'm doing with my life after graduation- It's so much easier said than done.
  6. Build (or at least start) a real, grown-up wardrobe
  7. Learn the ins and outs of personal financing- My dad handles all of the actual paying of my bills, etc. and, at my age, there's no excuse for that.
  8. Travel somewhere amazing
  9. It seems like such a foreign concept, yet it's something I really enjoy.
  10. Try a new hair and makeup style
  11. Volunteer for a worthy cause
  12. Take better care of myself (eat healthier, work out more, get more sleep, drink more water, etc.)
  13. Be more positive and less judgmental- I feel like the two go hand in hand.
  14. Kick this bad procrastination habit I've developed
  15. Purge my closet and get rid (donate or sell) of the things I no longer wear
  16. Be more independent in pretty much every way
  17. Write for more outlets than I already do (apply for more positions, submit more writing samples, etc.)
  18. Do a cleanse- I know it sounds weird, but I'm actually really curious about how cleanses work and what the benefits are. If anyone has done one that really worked, let me know!
  19. Really make an effort to get to know people in the UNT community- I'm still that awkward transfer kid.
  20. Go camping, like, legit. camping (or something as equally out of my comfort zone)
  21. Limit checking my social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Blog) to 3 times a day- Aim high, right?
Not too bad, huh? Sure, I didn't accomplish everything on the list, and a few were just partially completed, but I'm content with what I am able to cross off. Guess I should start working on my 23 before 23 list!


Now that I'm reflecting, my twenty-first year was a pretty amazing one. I graduated from college (and made the Dean's List!), traveled to London and Israel, witnessed the marriages of four wonderful couples, celebrated another year with Boyfriend, grew even closer to my family and friends, matured a lot, and asserted myself more than I ever had before.

This growing up stuff can be tough, but it's definitely a wild ride. Twenty-two, bring it on!

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Brittany said...

Good job!!! I have a 101 in 1001 days list going, except I only have 80 things on it, so I haven't ever posted about it...but you're motivating me to get it done! And happy almost birthday!!

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