Thursday, March 22, 2012

Best Friend and Baby Shower

Two weekends ago, I took a little road trip to Houston to spend some much needed time with my best friend/pledge baby Whitney and celebrate her almost-fully-baked little girl, Emma, at her baby shower.

Whitney (who just started her own blog, check it out here) and I were both in desperate need of some best friend time, and we fully enjoyed just hanging out and catching up on Saturday and Sunday.

Seeing Whitney eight months pregnant was an amazing and slightly bizarre experience. As soon as I got to her house I screamed, "You're SO pregnant!" She seriously looks amazing, and I was happy to see her so happy.

When I got to Houston on Saturday, Whitney gave me the tour of her and hubby Josh's new house, and then we went shopping for a shower dress for her. That night, Josh made some fantastic margaritas and we had fun cooking out and spending time together.

The baby shower was on Sunday at Backstreet Cafe in downtown Houston. The event was so nice! Everything was decked out in pink and green, the food was delicious, and everyone had a fantastic time. I had a lot of fun shopping for Emma, and I'm proud and excited to say that I got this itty bitty Phi Mu legacy off to a great start with a rose-colored onesie with our crest on it. :)

I had to get on the road as soon as the shower ended, and I was sad to say goodbye to Whitney, but I can't wait to see her again and meet baby Emma!


Whitney said...

LOVE YOU!!!! :) That was such a fantastic weekend :)

Sara said...

Love you, too! Can't wait to do it all again!

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