Monday, March 12, 2012

23 Before 23

Here's my bucket list of 23 things I want to do before my 23rd birthday (in no particular order).
  1. Find a career path that I love
  2. Take a vacation with Boyfriend
  3. Try a new hairstyle
  4. Call my grandparents at least once every two weeks
  5. Do a cleanse
  6. Work out at least three times per week
  7. Go to a concert
  8. Travel somewhere amazing
  9. Write for more outlets than I do now
  10. Blog at least three times per week
  11. Splurge on a to-die-for pair of shoes
  12. Go on a road trip
  13. Get a physical
  14. Make cooking a part of my (almost) daily routine
  15. Get a massage
  16. Volunteer for a worthy cause
  17. Read at least five books
  18. Host a dinner party
  19. Attend a Mizzou football game
  20. Move into my own apartment
  21. Get a dog
  22. Paint my nails regularly
  23. Send out handwritten notes, thank you cards, birthday cards, just because notes, etc. as often as possible


KatieLaughridge said...

Great goals!! Number 4 is great - I think we all need to do that!

A legit cleanse (that's pricy but I've heard good things) - I want to try it so bad but Brandon thinks it's a little TOO pricy. lol

#14 - Cooking is so much fun! Planning and prep take so much time but if the recipes turn out well, it's so worth it. I've more recently started cooking more and I love it!

Brittany said...

Good list! I hope you & Tom get to go on a trip together--so fun! And you can totally blog 3 times a week! Excited to read it :)

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