Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bucket List

71. Watch the snow fall with someone special
72. Be married to the same person for over 50 years
73. Visit the Sistine Chapel
74. Visit the Parthenon
75. Tour the White House
76. Visit Monte Carlo
77. Have my children grow up with Harry Potter
78. Visit St. Basil's Cathedral
79. Climb a mountain
80. Kiss under mistletoe
81. Go an entire day totally "unplugged"
82. Take engagement pictures in the fall
83. Participate in and complete the 3-day Walk for the Cure
84. Keep my fingernails painted everyday for a year
85. Perfectly tie-dye a a t-shirt
86. Be a freelance writer
87. Find my perfect shade of bold-red lipstick
88. Wake up in the morning and be able to see perfectly
89. Stand on the Great Wall of China
90. Catch the bouquet at a wedding
91. Treat myself to a massage/facial
92. Float in the Dead Sea
93. Take a photo at the Columbia, MO Magic Tree every year I'm in town
94. Live in a tiny apartment with my significant other
95. Buy a piece of art or photograph print in every foreign country I visit
96. Go on a date to Les Bourgeois Winery
97. Have a timeline of our love story at our wedding
98. Have photographs of our marriage proposal
99. Have a collection of corks from special occasions
100. Make a quilt with my Mizzou/Phi Mu/UNT t-shirts
101. Go paintballing
102. Be published in a book

1 comment:

Cinderita said...

I LOVE this! I am a very big fan of keeping a life list and i love that you have crossed a few things off! yay you!!!

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