Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays from us to you!

May your winter season be filled with lots of love, warmth, laughter, chunky scarves, twinkly lights, yummy treats, pretty presents, a little snow, and so much joy.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year!

Sara, Tom, and Jibboom

(Photo courtesy of Lizzi & Rocco's)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Surprise!: Thanksgiving in Dallas

Back in July, I had the brilliant idea to spend Thanksgiving and my Mom's 50th birthday, which happened to be the same weekend, in Dallas with my family. I also had the even more brilliant idea to make it a surprise. Once I got Boyfriend on board and got a little help from my aunt, a plan was in place, the tickets were booked, and the 5-month wait began!

Over the next 5 months, my grammy decided she would travel to Dallas for Thanksgiving, as well, and this sparked a lot of pleading, pushing, and prodding for me and Boyfriend to make the trip. Determined to make it a surprise, my aunt and I stuck to the story that plane tickets were just too expensive and Boyfriend and I couldn't drive 10 hours for a two-day trip. For the entire 5 months, we made it crystal clear that Thanksgiving in Dallas just wasn't in the cards for us this year. Believe me, that's not an easy charade to hold up against your mom and grandmother.

Still, they remained out of the loop. I did tell my dad and stepmom that we were coming, though, and they happily canceled their plans to go to New York for the holiday weekend when they heard we were coming to town and wanted to stay with them. I'm glad they did because it was so great to see them. I also told my brother about the surprise, mostly because I needed to someone to text incessantly about how excited I was.

Up until Tuesday night during the week of Thanksgiving, my mom was still asking me if we'd be able to come, but, of course, I told her that there was no way. In fact, I told her that Boyfriend's dad and stepmom were in Florida for the holiday (which was true), that Boyfriend's mom -- a nurse -- was working on Thanksgiving day (which was also true), and that we would be enjoying our day off from work on our own with or without a holiday meal. Great sob story, huh? Anyway, my mom had no idea. In fact, just to squash any inkling suspicions my mom might have had, my aunt told her she'd be bringing two coworkers to dinner so that my mom could plan on enough food and space for everyone.

So on Wednesday night, we dropped off our sweet pup (there may or may not have been tears), packed up our suitcase, and drove to Kansas City to have dinner with our friends Sherbs and Justin. They were totally awesome and let us stay at their apartment that night so we'd be closer to the airport in the morning. They also drove us to the airport bright and early on Thursday morning and picked us up again on Sunday evening. Thanks again, guys! You're the best.

Our flight on Thursday morning was pretty uneventful, and we landed in Dallas around 11 am. My aunt picked us up at the airport, and we went back to her apartment to hang out until it was time to go to my mom's house for dinner. While we were there, my mom called me and I had to make small talk with her about what we were doing on our "day off." It was hilarious! Of course, I was so nervous that I would spill the surprise or that my aunt would accidentally say something in the background, but everything worked out just fine.

Around 2 pm, we headed over to my mom's house. I was SO nervous on the way over. When we got there, my aunt went inside, and we followed a minute or two later. My sister and stepdad were so happy to see us, and my grammy burst into tears as soon as she saw us. My mom came out of her bedroom a minute later and just stared at us and was speechless! She was so shocked and kept saying that she couldn't believe we were there. Basically, the surprise went off without a hitch!

(Sorry for the blurry pictures. There was a lot of excitement in that moment!)
Once everyone got over the shock, we spent the afternoon cooking, relaxing, and catching up until it was time for dinner. Dinner was so delicious, and I loved being able to spend the holiday with my family.
Boyfriend and Sister playing Rock Band
Later that night, Boyfriend, my brother, and I went over to my dad's house. We hung out for a little while and then all passed out early from our food-induced comas. Because we're crazy, we decided to brave the mall on Friday. We didn't do much shopping, but we enjoyed walking around. Then we went to see the movie Argo. It was SO good -- definitely one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. If you haven't seen it, go see it! After the movie, we went to one of my favorite restaurants Abuelo's. I was beyond excited to get to enjoy my beloved Tex-Mex!

On Saturday morning, Boyfriend and I went to Starbucks with my best friend Chelsea. I hadn't seen Chelsea since before I moved in May, so it was so great to see her and catch up on everything. One thing I love about catching up with old friends is that nothing ever seems to change. We were able to just pick up where we last left off. Chelsea and I talked about future travel possibilities to see each other in the first half of next year, so I hope those possibilities turn into plans!
After seeing Chelsea, Boyfriend, my brother, and I went to my mom's house to spend the afternoon. We decided to go to the Galleria, which is one of the nicest malls in Dallas. Even though it was super crowded, I loved seeing the giant Christmas tree and window shopping at all of the expensive stores. I'm pretty sure I told Boyfriend that I wanted some pretty ridiculously expensive holiday gifts. ;)
We had reservations at Ruth's Chris to celebrate my mom's birthday that night, so we finished up at the mall and headed to the restaurant. There were 8 of us in total, and my aunt reserved a private room, so we were able to laugh and make as much noise as we wanted (which is kind of necessary with my family since we're pretty loud). Dinner was delicious and we capped off the evening with yummy cake and presents.

We got off to kind of a slow start on Sunday morning and had breakfast with my dad and stepmom before going over to my mom's to say goodbye. It was sad to say goodbye to my family, but I know we'll all be together again soon. My mom and grammy couldn't stop thanking us for coming to town. Then we went back to my dad's house, hung out for a little bit, packed up our stuff, and left to go to the airport. Unfortunately, our flight was a little delayed, but we made it home safe and sound around 9 pm.

It was a quick and exhausting trip, but it was worth all of the planning (and lying) to be able to spend Thanksgiving and my mom's big birthday with my family. Mission accomplished!

And for the record, we're super happy to have this little guy back home where he belongs. He did great being boarded at our vet, but 5 days was too long! Don't worry, he laid on the cute factor as soon as we brought him home on Monday night.

More pictures from the weekend to come!
See what we deal with?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

What we've been up to

Jibboom's been rocking it out at puppy training classes. Well he rocks it out hard core when we're at home. The dogs/people/air in class are WAY too interesting for him to show off his smarts. (I'm pretty sure the instructors think we're the biggest liars ever because we tell her each week how good he does when we practice.)

I've been Pure Barre-ing, and I LOVE IT! I feel stronger and I see definition in places I've never had it before. I'm even motivated to go work out before work AT 5:30 AM, PEOPLE! If that doesn't say something, I don't know what does! Don't know what Pure Barre is? Check it out here. If you're in Columbia, MO and want to join me at the barre, let me know. I'd love to show you the ropes!

Boyfriend's been working hard as usual. And being the ultimate puppy cuddler. That's hard work too, you know.
We celebrated Mizzou's 101st Homecoming with lots of friends in from out of town (happy hour, House Decs, tailgating, watching the game, going out, the works). It's too bad Mizzou didn't have a better inaugural season in the SEC, but you can't win them all. Literally.
We've I've been holiday shopping. In addition to figuring out what we're getting everyone in our families for Chrismukkah, I've also been deciding what to get my mom, sister, and brother for their birthdays. Because, of course, their birthdays all fall in November and December.

Speaking of birthdays, this little guy's first birthday is December 4. Puppy graduation happens to be the same day. That is, if Boomy butt can pull it together and not let his doggy ADD get the best of him during his "test" Nevertheless, I'm already planning. There will be cake, and a huge rope toy, and pictures. Lots of pictures. Maybe even a birthday hat, too. (Speaking of butts, have I mentioned just one more reason why we're obsessed with our little Jibboom? World, meet the cutest little heart butt you've ever seen. Picture courtesy of Jessica over at Lizzi & Rocco's, aka the best pet store ever. We love them.) (Also, we're 100% aware that we're THOSE puppy parents, and we're 100% okay with it.)
I spent this past Thursday night painting, sipping on wine, and enjoying conversation with my Phi Mu sisters at our alumnae chapter event for November. It was at The Canvas on Broadway, which is a paint studio that walks you through how to paint an adorable picture while you socialize. I'm not artistic AT ALL, so I was terrified, but it ended up being a lot of fun! My painting isn't great, but I had a great time. I mean, it's a little difficult to paint a straight line when you've had a glass (or 3) of wine. I was just going for the abstract look, okay? (Sidenote: that night might or might not have ended with me and Boyfriend doing karaoke to Call Me Maybe, but that's a story for another time. Or not. Whatever.)
Before--Daunting, no?
The finished product! Not amazing, but I'm pretty proud.
My dad and stepmom came to visit for a weekend. We showed them our apartment, enjoyed a few yummy meals, officiated a meeting with Boyfriend's dad and stepmom, and, of course, introduced them to Jibboom.
We've been trying to socialize Jibboom as much as possible, and that means meeting a lot of new friends--human and canine. We took Boomy to the dog park last weekend and he LOVED it. Here he is with Remi, our friends Harrison and Alex's dog. They really hit it off, and we can't wait for play dates.
We voted. Did you? We were also featured in the Columbia Missourian's "WE VOTED" story (on the one day I didn't wear makeup, of course).
I have big plans coming up for this little blog of mine. Like, remember when I went to Israel 10 months ago? Yeah, me too. Stay tuned!

Friday, October 19, 2012

It's finally fall!

I've been enjoying...
pumpkin cookies
pumpkin spice lattes
pumpkin candles
fall baking (recipes here and here)
this face
fall fun/food day at work
pumpkin carving
a pumpkin carving competition
holiday scentsy scents (cozy fireside, sugared vanilla shortbread, hot apple pie, and whiteout)
a new scentsy warmer
these colors at my apartment complex
and these
these boys (check out Boyfriend's Halloween PJ pants)

Monday, October 15, 2012


Although being a "grown up" in a college town has a few drawbacks from time to time, being around for Mizzou's inaugural season in the SEC has been a ton of fun! We decided not to splurge on tickets for any of the games, but we've had a blast tailgating and watching the games around town with friends!

Here are a few pictures of our football festivities!
A look at the new field before the first home game
There were some weeks I didn't take any pictures, and I'm still waiting on photos from a few friends, but that's a quick glimpse of what a few of our weekends have looked like recently!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Addition

So for a few months now, we've been volunteering at the local humane society. And every time we go, there's a little pup (or five) that captures our hearts. One day about a month ago, a black and white spotted pit bull pup caught our eye, so we took him outside to play. And we were smitten. It was puppy love at first sight.
It must have been something about his floppy ears, his big brown eyes, his adorable puppy romp, or the almost-perfect black spot on the middle of his back.
A few pics from his profile on the humane society's website--Such a stud!
So we talked about adopting him, but he broke all of our apartment's pet rules. He was just a little bit too big, just a little bit too young, and an "aggressive" breed. (We realized as soon as we met him that he's actually the sweetest, most cuddly little guy ever. Not an aggressive bone in his body.) So we said goodbye and hoped that someone who loved him as much as we did would give him a good home.

When we went back to the shelter the next week, he was still there (looking as cute as ever, I might add). And the next week. And the next week. And I'm convinced that he remembered us because he got so excited and came up to the door of his run each and every time we walked by. We didn't understand why this sweet boy hadn't been adopted yet. Turns out he was waiting for us.

We sent an email to our apartment office explaining how sweet he is and how we wanted to give him a good home (we also attached a picture hoping his cuteness would win them over), but we never heard back. We assumed they thought the little guy broke too many rules. Then one day about a week later, Boyfriend went in to pay our rent and casually mentioned that we had been volunteering and wanted to adopt the little guy. Turns out all of the girls in the office have pits and/or pit mixes. About ten minutes later, we got a phone call telling us we were approved and off we went to the humane society.

Jibboom (he came with that name, but we think it kind of suits him) came home last Monday and we're only growing more obsessed with him by the day. He spent a few days in his cone of shame, but now that it's off, he couldn't be a happier, more cuddly puppy. He's somewhere between 7 and 10 months old, and we're busy working on his puppy manners. We love him, and we're so happy he's a part of our family!

A few pics from the day he came home:
My boys :)
Expect tons of pictures and stories about this little guy. He's pretty much the center of our world right now. :)

A few pics since then:
Hate hate hating his cone of shame
Being a champ at his first vet appointment

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Shabby Apple Discount!

It's no secret that Shabby Apple has some of the classiest, prettiest dresses around. I know I love them! I also love having insider knowledge when it comes to what's going on at Shabby Apple. Curious to know what this year's best-selling dresses are? Wait no longer!

This year's best sellers are...
I'm currently coveting the Red Queen and the I'm Late! I'm Late! to spice up my fall wardrobe.

Want in on the fun? Use discount code favorite10 for 10% off everything on the Shabby Apple website. But hurry! This discount is only good until this Friday, September 14.

To take advantage of this discount, click here, on the button below, or on the Shabby Apple button in my sidebar. Happy shopping!

Dresses from Shabby Apple
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