Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Brain Dump

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I need to talk about Pinterest for a second. Guys, I'm obsessed. Seriously, I spend way too much time on there pretending like I'm actually going to use all of the amazing ideas, style tips, recipes, etc. on there to make my life better, more adorable, more organized, healthier, etc. The stuff I find on there is amazing and makes me want to improve myself. And makes me feel a little less crazy because I'm obviously not the only girl out there who has a board dedicated to my wedding when I'm not even engaged yet. Click on the Pinterest logo on the right to follow my boards!

I am in total holiday mode. Starbucks holiday drinks (and cups), boots, sweaters, plans to visit Boyfriend for New Year's (which obviously means a trip to The Magic Tree), and Christmas music galore make this Jewish girl a happy girl. I love this time of year. Know what I also love? Shopping for holiday (and birthday and anniversary) gifts. In the next two months, I have a lot of gifts to give- my mom's, brother's, and sister's birthdays, Chrismukkah, and Boyfriend's and my 3 year anniversary- which means a lot of shopping is about to take place. :)

I have a bunch of centerpieces to make this weekend for my best friend's upcoming wedding. I'm kind of freaking out. Crafty isn't exactly my middle name.

Job searching is a lot more time consuming than I thought. So is shopping for interview clothes. Guess that's what I get for wearing Nike shorts and yoga pants all of the time.

Since I'm going to Israel in January (like my subtlety?), there are a few things I need to get: A baseball cap (not my best look, but I'll attempt to find something halfway decent), new jeans, another pair of yoga pants (like I need another pair...), new sneakers (the pair I wear now are from freshman year of high school- yikes), and a journal (I'm so excited to go shopping for a journal, you don't even know). A lot of this post has to do with shopping hmmmm.

Speaking of journal shopping, I stopped into Barnes & Noble yesterday to pick up a copy of Lord Jim for class (yuck) and was reminded once again just how much I LOVE B&N. Seriously, I could spend hours just wandering around in there. I happened to pick up Jaycee Dugard's book off of the new release table and ended up reading the first couple chapters. I've never felt so physically sick after reading a book in my life. What a horrible thing to happen to a young, innocent girl. I do think I want to read the book in its entirety, though. Anyway, once my life settles down a little bit, I want to grab a pumpkin spice latte and spend an entire afternoon getting lost in Barnes & Noble. Ahhhhh. Also, I'm compiling a list of all the books I want to read once I graduate and actually have free time to read for pleasure. If you have any suggestions, send them my way.

Speaking of graduating, I graduate in exactly 5 weeks and 2 days. Holy moly.

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