Sunday, August 7, 2011

Just touched down in London Town


Where do I even begin?

In one word: amazing. You know those places you go and know that one day, somehow you'll make it back there? Well, this was it for me.

That's a pretty big statement, I know, but London's been at the top of my I-have-to-travel-there list for as long as I can remember. And it didn't disappoint.

The flight from DFW to Heathrow was long, but I was able to sleep for a lot of it and there was plenty of food. It felt like we were being fed every hour of the 9 hour flight.

We flew overnight, so when I woke up to morning sunlight pouring through the plane window, I knew we only had about an hour to go until we'd be touching down in London Town.

London, Day 1

After checking into our beautiful hotel, getting settled, and freshening up, we headed out to do some exploring. Our hotel was located right next to Hyde Park and The Marble Arch, so we were in walking distance of many of the top attractions in the city. We just started walking, unsure of where we'd end up, and found ourselves at Buckingham Palace! Royal Wedding junkie that I am, I was pretty excited.

I was surprised to see that the balcony of Buckingham Palace is much smaller than it appears to be on television. Also, I'm pretty sure we saw a group of far-from-the-throne royals! While walking through the park and around St. James Palace and The Spencer House, we saw a group of people (two young men and a few women with small children) being lead by a royal guard from Buckingham Palace and straight into St. James Palace. They were definitely not nobody.

We continued our walk and made our way through Piccadilly Circus and other areas of the city. We stopped for lunch at a local pub, and I enjoyed a delicious meal of fish and chips with mushy peas and an ice cold Stella.

As thrilled as we were to be there, our jet lag was quickly setting in, so we made our way back to the hotel and promptly passed out. Lindsay and I slept from about 4 that afternoon until around 8 the next morning. When we woke up, we were ready to go and soak up all that London had to offer.

Stay tuned for Day 2, and check out my bucket list.

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Alisha said...

Love your pictures!! Sounds like a wonderful first day in London! Here's to a great time for the rest of your trip! How long are you staying for?

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