Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday Night Brain Dump

  1. I went to a Mary Kay party tonight with my mom, and I'm so excited to report that I bought the MK skincare set. I've been really wanting to get into a great skin regiment, and, after getting the worst sunburn of my life this past weekend (yeah, we're not going to talk about it), I realized just how fragile my skin is and how much I want to look good and not like a piece of wrinkly leather when I'm older. I've always used cleansers and moisturizers, but they've always been drugstore brands, which work for me, but it was time to really take the plunge and start taking better care of myself (guess I can cross that off the list). I can't wait to try it out! I hope I love it and that it works for me, both now and in the future.
  2. I have about a million and five things to do before I leave for London on Saturday. I need to clean my room/bathroom, do laundry, pack (which is basically impossible for me), make sure I have everything I need, pack again because I can never decide on what to bring, and the list goes on and on. All of that, plus making sure I'm all caught up and in good shape to be out of the office for a week, is stressful. But, have I mentioned that I'm excited? Like, so so so excited. I can't wait. For real.
  3. Speaking of London, I started to make a bucket list of kind of offbeat, totally cheesy touristy things I want to do while I'm in London, but I can't decide if I should post it or not. Maybe I will. I mean, why not? I'm seeing and doing all of the big must-sees while I'm there. I might as well throw a little goofy in!
  4. I'm really upset I missed "Pretty Little Liars" tonight. I can't wait to watch it tomorrow!
  5. I may have found the perfect wedding song today while listening to Pandora. Just saying.
  6. I think all of the press and fabricated photos, articles, stories, etc. about Princess Diana's 50th birthday is disrespectful and really creepy. Don't know what I'm talking about? Check it out.
  7. My job is doing something really cool where we will donate to a different charity each month. We, the employees, suggest the charity we'd like to see benefit, and then we get people to vote for our particular charity through Facebook, etc. The charity with the most votes is the beneficiary for that month. Just a cool idea from a cool team that I'm happy to be a part of.
In the words of Kelly Raspberry, "that's all I've got. How'd you like that?"


Kelly said...

Post bucket list! Post! Post :)

Jill Nastasia said...

Be sure to get a picture of you with the guards at Buckingham Palace. Send us any other random photos you take so we can live vicariously through you while you are away. We will miss you and can't wait to hear your stories when you return!

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