Wednesday, June 29, 2011

London Bucket List

  1. Take a phone booth picture. The cheesier and more touristy it is, the better.
  2. Buy some sort of Royal Wedding memorabilia.  Again, the cheesier, the better.
  3. Have a traditional meal of fish and chips with a beer. It only counts if it's in a pub frequented by the locals.
  4. Visit Platform 9&3/4.
  5. Take a Beatles-esque picture on Abbey Road.
  6. Find out the real meaning behind Fergie's "London Bridge" song. Hahahaha just kidding.
  7. Eat a macaroon-or five-at Laduree in Harrod's. I've been told I have to try the caramel with salted butter, but I've also got my eye on the pistachio and Madagascar chocolate.
  8. See something Jane Austen/Pride and Prejudice related. I would love to see her home, but it's a few hours outside of London, so I won't be able to, but I'll gladly settle for seeing something else about her and her works. Hopefully we'll stumble across something. (Edit: Oh my gosh. @Eonline just tweeted that Kate Middleton and Jane Austen come from the same bloodline. I'm seriously dying right now. I LOVE Jane Austen, and my obsession with the Windsors isn't exactly my best-kept secret. AH!)
  9. I have a very specific list of souvenirs to get, so I must stick to it.
  10. My boss wants me to take a picture with a guard, so I'll go ahead and put that on here. If I can get him to crack a smile- even better.
  11. Take a Phi Mu-fabulous picture with one of the lion statues in Trafalgar Square.
  12. Fake a British accent at least once. Not to be rude or be a "stupid American," though. Just because I love them and I'm so jealous of people who have them.
  13. Sneak a picture or two inside Westminster Abbey. Apparently taking pictures inside isn't allowed, but come on, how do you expect people to refrain from taking pictures? It's amazing! I'll just make sure my flash is off when I'm taking the picture from inside my purse.
  14. Have high tea. I know this probably won't happen, but how cool would that be?
  15. Oh, I've already thought of something else. Order a drink on the plane because on my last trip overseas, I wasn't old enough yet, and nothing says vacation like an airplane cocktail.
  16. Sing the beginning of One Republic's "Good Life" while at Piccadilly Circus.
That's all I can come up with right now, but I'll be sure to add more if I think of anything else. And don't worry, these are just my cheesy, touristy bucket list activities for London. I'm definitely going to see and do all of the big, important things.

Still, if you've been to London and have any words of advice about things to do, see, eat (or things to avoid), please let me know! Your input would be so helpful. Thanks!


Jill said...

Just make sure you go to the right London Bridge. Tower Bridge is actually commonly mistaken to be London Bridge. I mean, I'd recommend seeing that one too, but yeah. Haha. Have fun!!! I'm so jealous!

wilybrunette said...

this list is nothing short of awesome. i have my own phone booth photo from years ago that i still cherish. next time i go, i'm taking your bucket list with me.

Kelly said...

LOVE "Good Life." Such a good song for trips like these! Also: I have found British people to be receptive of trying out British accents if you give them some bizarre American slang to work with.Like "warrrsch" from St. Louis. Haha.

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