Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I've never been a numbers person...

...But just for fun and in honor of my blogiversary a few days ago, I thought I'd take a look at some of the stats about my blog from the past year. And yes, I'm totally copying Ashley over at Ashley Getting Dressed. She gets full credit for this idea.

First commenter: Katie from Live Originally (Pretty sure she left that comment before Live Originally existed, though :] )
First troll: On this post-Hey, I guess it was a nice anonymous comment, at least.
Most viewed post: This post, and I'm really not sure why. It has 1,148 views, and my post with the next highest number of views has 110. Something doesn't seem right...
Biggest traffic source: Besides Twitter and Facebook, The Simple Woman's Daybook is the biggest traffic source directing to my blog.
Busiest month: February of 2011
Slowest month: March of 2011
Largest number of posts in one month: 23 in February of 2011
Least amount of posts in one month: Besides this month (which I won't count since it just started), June of 2010 with only 3 posts
Most popular keyword search: sara aisenberg
Number of "theme posts" (Wish List Wednesday, Bits of My Weekend, 30 Day Photo Challenge, A&A Thursday, etc.): 91
Most used label: Link
Pageviews today: 11
Pageviews yesterday: 19
Pageviews last month: 564
Pageviews of all time: 11,789
Countries my blog has been viewed in: United States, Canada, Australia, Russia, United Kingdom, Germany, Slovenia, Iran, Denmark, Brazil

That's all I can think of right now. I think this is interesting, but I'm sure not everyone else does. Nevertheless, thanks for bearing with me! I'll have more exciting stuff up in the next few days!


{av} | {long distance loving} said...

As a numbers person, I must say this is quite a fun post :) thank you so much for linking to my blog...I'm so glad it let me to yours! A belated congrats on your blogiversary! xoxo {av}

p.s. be sure to stop by and enter my fab Whiting & Davis giveaway--you could win a handbag worth over $200!

Jenna said...

this is neat! i am definitely a numbers person. i may do this sometime soon for my own blog. xx

Shellsea said...


I just found your blog today. I follow you now. Can't wait to read more.

Come check out my blog. Doing a giveway today :)

Love, Shellsea Blog - Giveaway today

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