Friday, April 29, 2011

A Modern Day Fairytale

Oh, the wedding of Wills and Kate Catherine. Where to begin?

I woke up just a little bit before 5am, just in time to see Kate's ride with her father and sister/maid of honor, Pippa, from her hotel to Westminster Abbey. I immediately thought she looked so calm and collected, and it was easy to see that she was just enjoying the moment. She wasn't fussing with her hair or her veil. She was just waving and smiling like the poised princess she always has been (it's just a little more official now).

Like the rest of the world, I held my breath as Kate stepped out of the car. Oh, the dress. What can I even say? Stunning, elegant, timeless, naturally gorgeous all come to mind. She looked so modest and appropriate, but showed off her amazing figure in the best way possible. She looked like she could have stepped out of a magazine from decades ago, but it's clear that her dress will still be beautiful 50 years from now.

I love that Kate did her own makeup (I mean, really?!) and that she kept her hair down and somewhat natural. It's been said that she just wanted to be the girl that Wills fell in love with and knows so well, and I think that's just what she did.

Her entrance and (very long) walk down the aisle with her father was so sweet. She just looked so happy to be walking towards her prince charming. Sorry, I couldn't resist. :]

The little whispers in the ceremony were priceless. It's unclear what Harry whispered to Wills as Kate was walking towards him, but a lip-reading expert believes it was something along the lines of "just wait until you see her." As cute as that is, William telling Kate just how beautiful she looked when she finally reached his side just made me melt. He then leaned over to Kate's father and joked that they "were just supposed to have a small family affair."

It's obvious how comfortable the pair are with each other, although their feelings were obviously stifled during the very traditional and God-heavy ceremony. While I wish there had been a few more shots of the couple and their family members during the ceremony coverage, I understand that the cameras tried to be respectful of private moments.

I love that the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chose to omit the word "obey" from their vows, replacing it with "keep." It's just one of the many examples as to why they are a new kind of royal couple. The betrayal of one marriage tradition didn't sit well with me, however. I don't like the fact that William has opted not to wear a wedding band. Yes, everyone knows he is married, but I think it's odd, and somewhat sad, that he is refusing to wear this outward symbol of his marriage. I've heard several reasons behind his decision: he wants to be thought of as married to his country, he says he's "just not a jewelry guy," and that there is already some sort of "royal ring" he is supposed to inherit and he feels that both rings will be too much. He's the future King of England, and he can do what he wants, but I would be hurt if I was Kate.

Princess Diana's funeral was the last large event to be held in Westminster Abbey, yet she wasn't really on my mind as I watched the ceremony. It wasn't until Kate and William and their families left to sign their marriage certificate that I realized Diana wasn't there. How sad for William to not have his beloved mother there on the most important day of his life.

The sadness was quickly pushed aside as Kate and Wills reemerged at the alter (I personally hope they stole a kiss...or 5...while they were back there) before making their way out of the abbey as husband and wife. The crowd roared when they got a fist glimpse of the new couple and watched them get into their carriage for their procession through the city to Buckingham Palace.

Once settled into the carriage, Kate very clearly whispered "I'm so happy" to William. Talk about a modern day fairytale. Sigh.

And those two kisses they dared to share on the balcony at Buckingham Palace? So sweet! Their first kiss was just a quick peck and far too short. Their second kiss-a total surprise-was just a little longer, but obviously more loving and heartfelt.

I think my favorite thing about the wedding is just that Kate and William are so...normal. They met in college, went through the trials and tribulations of young love, lived together as "roommates" prior to graduation (isn't that weird to think about?), and have lived together in a small town with NO servants or hired help for the past few years. They are a very modern, real, normal couple, and they know that they are perfect for each other, as they have been together for 9 years. They are returning to a small town in Wales to live, while William will continue to fly for the British military forces. No fuss for these two, and I love it.

A few other things about the wedding heard round the world:
  • Holy moly Pippa's dress- talk about GORGEOUS and dang, does that girl have a body on her!
  • William should have kept the hat on. Homeboy is B-A-L-D.
  • I'm still not a fan of Camilla, and I don't think I ever will be. She's just...blegh.
  • Kate invited her hometown butcher, pub tender, and boutique owner to the wedding, proving even more just how down-to-earth she is.
  • I was struck by how poised and natural Kate seemed in the situation. It's as if she was born to do this.
  • There needed to be a few more shots of Harry. He's just soooooooo hot. (Also, Chelsy Davy was at the wedding. Does that mean Harry's off the market again?)
  • We should totally adopt the fabulous hat trend. Just saying.
  • It's rumored that padding was put into the hip area of Kate's dress to make her waist look even smaller than it already is. Mission accomplished: she looked tiny.
  • Could Posh crack a smile? I mean, she's pregnant, at the wedding of the decade, and on David Beckham's arm.
  • "Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire."-St. Catherine of Siena

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sherilee said...

I do agree that looking over at my husband's hand and seeing a ring there is very lovely and satisfying--especially since he's "not a jewelry guy" either, but I'm betting that Kate's OK with it (otherwise I think she'd have pressed him into it).

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the event too... I slept 12 hours Friday night to catch back up, though...! I wouldn't have missed it for anything--watched Di's as well, and the funeral... I did wish Diana there for William, but otherwise it was a happy day and didn't seem marred by her absence.

And yes, what a beautiful dress on Kate, and Pippa too!

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