Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Awkward and Awesome Birthday

  • Coming into class a few minutes late because the bus was full and having everyone around me ask me why I was dressed up while the teacher was talking
  • This outfit, but more so this picture Photobucket
  • Having a chemistry test and a Spanish midterm on my birthday (not really awkward, just unfortunate)
  • Getting the opportunity to chat with someone from USA Today College, setting a time, and then realizing (once they asked if I was online yet) that 5:30 in Dallas is not the same as 5:30 on the East coast
  • The girl that sits in front of me in class who insists on using a LOUD, handheld, electric pencil sharpener everyday while the teacher is talking
  • Feeling as sick as I do today blahhhhhh
  • Today is my 21st birthday!!!
  • Seeing the brand new office we're moving to at work
  • Having so many friends engaged and getting married in the next two years- I love the love!
  • Reading The Great Gatsby for my American Fiction class this week
  • I will be in CoMo this time next week!
  • Getting 4 phone calls from Boyfriend in the same day just because he missed me
  • Having a productive, constructive chat with USA Today Man (sounds like a superhero, right?) even after my little time zone slip-up
  • I'm officially on Spring Break!!!

1 comment:

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

They make handheld electric pencil sharpeners?

And I love The Great Gatsby. Great book.

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