Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wish List Wednesday

I haven't done a Wednesday wish list in a while, so I thought I would post one just for kicks.

1) EmersonMade Little Lucky Clover Necklace
This little necklace is so darling! I love its "I make my own luck" message. Plus, it's the perfect little touch to say that I'm dating an engineer. :]

2) J. Crew Factory Tissue Garland Tank
This would be perfect for Spring. It comes in several great colors, and it's on sale right now for $29.50. Can't beat that!

3) J.Crew Factory Chiffon Stripe Tier Tank
Ditto to everything above.

4) J. Crew Factory Wool Ribbon Ravine Dress
This is dress is timeless and appropriate for a variety of different occasions. It comes in two colors (this and a plum/wine color), and they are both stunning. Plus, it's currently marked down to $29.99 from $118. Steal of the century!

5) Cardigans, Cardigans, (almost) Cardigans!
I NEED some cardigans! They are the perfect way to transition from winter to warmer weather. Plus, my favorite one was just ruined in a laundry disaster, so I am definitely on the hunt. I want a variety of styles and colors.

More to come

1 comment:

Shoshana said...

I bought the Lion necklace from EmersonMade for my best friend! She absolutely loves it. Turn that wish into reality!

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