Tuesday, February 1, 2011


"Me and You, just us two."-Carrie to Big, SATC 2

The quote is a little cheesy, and I'm really not a fan of Carrie and Big's relationship, but it's just too cute to not use for a 2nd anniversary.

That's right, Tom and I celebrated two wonderful years together on Sunday.

I am so proud of our relationship, and am so happy that we have been together for two years and are doing better than ever, but I can't lie. I was a little sad about our anniversary because we weren't going to be together for it. Just another lovely perk of being in a long distance relationship.

Remember this? Well, let me just add it to the list of why my boyfriend is the best guy in the world.

I was upset about this weekend, so my good friends Travis and Kelsey planned to take me out to dinner. It took a little convincing (because I'd rather sit around and mope, obviously), but by the time Friday night rolled around, I was excited. After a minor incident, I got to the restaurant and chatted with Kelsey while we waited for Travis to get off of work. Finally, Travis got there, and we were just talking and waiting for our waiter to come by so we could order.

All of a sudden someone sat down at our booth in the seat right across from me.

I knew who it was. I was excited. I was speechless. I was so stunned.


TOM was there. TOM WAS HERE!

I have no idea how long I just stared at him. I knew it was him, obviously. I was just so stunned to see him there! It was the last place I would have ever expected him to be. It was almost like I couldn't place him.

I wish I had a picture of my face while I was processing all of this. It was priceless, I'm sure. I just stared at him with my jaw on the floor for who knows how long, and then I burst into tears. Anyone who knows me is completely shocked, I'm sure.

Finally, I jumped up and jumped into his arms! I couldn't believe what was happening!
I remember asking him how he got here, and not believing him when he said he flew and rented a car. If Tom can drive somewhere, he will, so the fact that he flew to see me is a big deal in itself.

I'm sure we looked ridiculous hugging and kissing in the middle of the restaurant, but I didn't care, and I still don't.

It was absolutely perfect.

A lady in the next booth actually congratulated us. I'm sure she thought we had just gotten engaged or something by the way I was acting. Once we sat down, I found out that Kelsey, Travis, and my friend Whitney had all been in on the plan. Tom had actually asked Kelsey and Travis to get me to go out, and to make sure that I still went out even after I got my ticket. Apparently our waiter was in on the surprise, too.

The whole thing is kind of a blur. I just can't believe that he did that for me. I'm pretty sure I told him that I couldn't believe he was here about 84 times this weekend.

The rest of the weekend was pretty low key. We spent a lot of time just hanging out and enjoying our time together. It was very "us," and I wouldn't want it any other way.

I don't want to say too much on here, mostly because he knows how I feel about him, but I know how lucky I am. I can't believe that I get to be with a guy like him.

It has been an incredible two years, and I'm excited for us.♥

January 30, 2009: The night we started dating
January 30, 2010: One year together
January 30, 2011: Two years together

Many more to come,

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Ashley said...

aw, Sara, that's so sweet!

My senior year Jeremey was living/working in St. Louis and our anniversary fell during recruitment...and not just during recruitment, but on skit day (and I was day chair). I was SO stressed out and sad that I wasn't going to be with him, but he rented a car (his transmission had just gone out in his truck) and drove to suprise me. My reaction was the exact same - just staring with my mouth open, and then shrieks and tears. A two hour drive isn't nearly as cool as a flight, but it was still a neat suprise!

Happy anniversary!

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