Thursday, February 24, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

Got this idea from the adorable Sydney over at The Daybook. I'm going to try to make this a (semi) regular thing!

  • Breaking a test tube in Chem. lab right after the teacher (a substitute, no less) said to be careful
  • Trying to explain Facebook to my absent-minded-socially-awkward English professor. Try explaining the concept of "poking" without sounding like a weirdo.
  • Getting bit by some kind of invisible insect and having my foot blow up to three times its normal size
  • The girl in my Spanish class who has a tail on her backpack. Yes, a tail.
  • Same absent-minded-socially-awkward teacher asking us if malls still exist
  • Going to Walmart in a mad dash for Benadryl for said insect bite and forgetting to get the eyeliner, foundation, and engagement card I actually need
  • Fighting to stay awake in class because of said Benadryl. There were plenty of those awkward head nod things.
  • Finding the best chai tea latte in the world (Big Mike's in Denton, TX, fyi)
  • Spanish teacher practically going gaga over one of the debate questions I wrote for our class debate about Spanish
  • Finding the perfect dress (that may double as my bridesmaid's dress in an upcoming wedding) for, get this, TEN DOLLARS
  • Having a best friend happy and willing to drive through rush hour traffic just to watch Glee and eat Chipotle with me
  • Said Chipotle being free because of an awesome "just because" gift from a thoughtful boyfriend
  • Sleeping in until 10:30 on a week day


Alynne Leigh said...

Ohmygoodness. I've never had Chipotle, but my boyfriend's friends say its amazingg. And definitly on my list of things to try (:

Bee said...

The headnod things when you're trying to stay awake in class are super awkward. I always dread dealing with this after a late, sleepless night.

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