Thursday, September 2, 2010

Transferring Tales: Days 7 and 8

I apologize, but this post is going to be pretty quick because I'm super busy!

Yesterday was pretty status quo.  I had been to both of my classes once already and was looking forward to diving in to the actual course work, rather than just syllabus information.  I chatted with a few girls in my Rhetoric class and even met a junior who also just transferred here.  Spanish is still intimidating because many of the other students seem to be very comfortable speaking and understanding.  I am just going to keep up with the readings and participate as much as I can.  Hopefully, I will start to become more comfortable soon.

Travis came up to see me again last night!  We were just hanging out in my room and he actually convinced me to go out!  I was nervous, but we ended meeting up with some friends from high school, and some of their friends who I had never met before.  We had a great time!  We went to this club/bar that is only five minutes from campus and stayed for a few hours.  It was 90s night so we enjoyed dancing to some classic Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls!  It was weird being out here and not really knowing anyone, especially after going to the same places with the same wonderful people the past two years, but I think it was exactly what I needed.  It felt good to go out and socialize and do what college kids are supposed to be doing.

I accomplished my goal this morning.  I woke up at a decent time and went to the rec to work out.  I am so proud of myself and glad that I did!  I haven't set foot in a gym since last semester and I had forgotten just how good working out makes me feel.  The UNT Rec Center isn't nearly as pretty as Mizzou's, but, in a lot of ways, I think it is more efficiently organized.  UNT definitely has more cardio machines, which I can totally appreciate.  Nothing discourages me faster when I am ready and motivated to work out than having to wait to use a machine because they are all in use.  It's so frustrating!  I had my choice of machines this morning and took advantage of it.  I am definitely going to stick to an exercise routine!

The rest of my day was pretty normal except for the torrential downpour I got caught in this afternoon.  It was beautiful and sunny outside this morning, so I didn't carry an umbrella with me.  I did, however, have my laptop with me and was wearing my TOMS, which aren't really supposed to get wet.  I was not prepared for the monsoon and ridiculous thunderstorm that hit the area in the late afternoon.  I had to sit through my first Yiddish/Jewish Literature class completely soaked through.

Like my Shakespeare class, the Yiddish/Jewish Literature course is once a week for three hours.  I was excited to take the class, mostly because it is about my culture, but I am a little concerned after tonight's lecture.  I am confident that I will find the material interesting, but I am not so sure about the teacher.  She is a little, old lady who talked at us all class period.  She was lecturing us about basic information, such as the origins of Yiddish, that are obviously crucial to the course, but it was terribly monotone and boring.  I am hopeful that the class will pick up as the semester goes on, but it was not a good first impression of the course.

I realize it's Wednesday and that would normally mean that I would be posting a wish list, but I simply have too much to do at the moment, not to mention an 8am class that I need to get up for in the morning.  I promise that I will put a lot of effort into next week's wish list to make up for missing this week!

More to come,

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Cinderita said...

boo. I came by to see your wishlist...but I see by this post that you are super busy. AND I'm glad to hear you fit some fun into that busy life of yours!! Have a great weekend and I hope you've got some fun planned!

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