Tuesday, September 21, 2010


"You are fighting for those you love this month in an attempt to express your passion.  You have found that you are driven more to express yourself this month rather than see yourself achieve in a more materialistic sense.  Your spiritual growth is key this month in helping refocus your mind and redirect your goals where they need to be.  You are slowly seeing how by changing your attitude you change your mood.  Those around you have taken notice of your new outlook, and they are beginning to catch on to your way of thinking.  At work you find that not much has changed, continue to do your job, and look for ways to be more efficient in the future.  Your love life flourishes this month as you see an overwhelming response to the new you.  Continue to indulge your desires and see what you want in life."
-College Guide Magazine

Perfectly perfect in so many ways.

1 comment:

Cinderita said...

That is a beautiful horoscope. Can't wait to hear how your day unfolded.

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