Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wish List Wednesday

I almost forgot that it was Wednesday and that it was time for another wish list because of everything that has been going on lately!

My wish from last week's wish list came true because Chi chapter of Phi Mu at Mizzou now has 78 new, beautiful members!  I have been stalking my sister's Facebook profiles and pictures and everyone looks happy and like they are all starting off their semesters well.  I can't wait to see you all and meet the new Phis!

Two Wednesdays ago, I wrote about wanting the PACK THIS! Notepad from Perpetual Kid.  Well, I received a package in the mail sometime at the end of last week containing two of these handy-dandy notepads!  My boyfriend, Tom, decided to get them for me!  He's so awesome, and probably doesn't want to hear me complain about packing anymore.

I have been a little preoccupied this week and haven't had much time to think of a wish list, so I have decided to post about things I have discovered that I still need/want to buy for my dorm room.  Get excited.

1) Dry Erase Monthly Calendar
I was browsing around the bookstore today and this dry erase calendar jumped out at me.  I have a spot on the wall right next to my desk where a calendar like this would fit perfectly!  This particular board is from Families with Purpose for $15.99 before shipping.  I didn't buy the board when I saw it because it didn't have a price on it and things tend to be more expensive at university bookstores than they are anywhere else.  I do like this board, but I am going to look at Target and Walmart because I know they will have boards that I like just as much that I can get at a better price.

2) Plastic ware and dish soap
I know these aren't incredibly exciting items, but I do need them, so on the wish list they go!  I went to Walmart yesterday and bought yogurt, but completely forgot to buy spoons.  Ugh, don't you hate that?  I have been thinking about getting a small set of silverware to keep in my room and washing them after I use them, rather than buying plastic ware, but we'll see.  I also need a small bottle of dish soap because I have several water bottles and cups that I use daily that I would like to wash out once in a while.  I have been using hand soap, but would really prefer dish soap.  I don't care what brands I get, I just needed a picture to post.

3) Over-the-Door Mirror
I have had a full-length mirror in my room for the past two years and have gotten used to it.  I just like being able to see myself fully before I leave my room.  I also use it when I do my makeup because I find it easier to be up close, rather than leaning over a sink during the application process.  I have seen similar mirrors at Walmart for about $10 dollars, but this $14.99 Target mirror is exactly what I am looking for.  I want a neutral color, such as black or silver, so I can put it in my future apartment or home.

4) 8-Opening Collage Frame and/or 8-Opening Collage Frame
Both of these photo frames hold eight 4x6" pictures and both, or either, would look great in my room.  I have been contemplating getting a few collage frames for a while, and after seeing the bare, white walls in my dorm room, I think it is time to take the plunge.  These $14.99 and $19.99 frames from Target are exactly what I am looking for.  Once again, I like the neutral black color because it makes them more versatile and more appropriate to put in a more sophisticated room once I am no longer living in a dorm.

5) I really, really wish the internet connection in my dorm was faster.  Most of the time, but definitely not all of the time, it works decently when I am just going to websites, but it is impossible to Skype.  I don't really want to pay $20 a month for a faster internet connection, so although routers are illegal in the dorms, I might end up getting one.  I need to be able to Skype with my loved ones in CoMo.  I don't think I can handle being away from them otherwise.

I know I still need to post today's edition of Transferring Tales (read days 1, 2, and 3), but it is already late and I have my first class of the semester (and at UNT ever) tomorrow at 8am.  I promise to fill you in on my exciting life tomorrow.

More to come,


rockerest said...

...a router won't speed up your internet... :(


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Parisa said...

I love that calendar. It's fantastic. And those picture frames are pretty great too.

love the idea of wishlist wednesday!

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