Friday, August 27, 2010

Transferring Tales: Day 5

I apologize for posting a day late again, but I'm at home in Carrollton and relaxing, so I definitely have time to post about yesterday.  Also, I have decided to keep Transferring Tales going until I have been to all of my classes at least one time.  I might bring the series back once in a while if something super awkward and transfer-y happens, but I'll just play it by ear.

I woke up around 6:30 yesterday, showered, got ready, and walked out my door at 7:30.  Like I mentioned a few days ago, the language building is incredibly far from my dorm, but luckily there is a campus shuttle that stops in the parking lot of my dorm and runs all over campus.  My suite mate happens to have an 8am class also, so we will ride the bus together on Thursdays at least.  I was nervous about taking the bus because I didn't know how reliable it was, but it got there at 7:33 and I was in the language building by 7:40, so I might take a little bit of a later bus from now on.  It's nice to know it's reliable for my 8am class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, though.

My first class was Principles of Rhetoric, which I was a little skeptical about just because it sounds so boring, but I think I will actually enjoy it.  My professor seems entertaining and enthusiastic about the class, so that is a major plus.  We didn't do much more than talk about the course and syllabus, and she had us fill out an information sheet about ourselves.  I'm sure we will really get rolling on Tuesday.  The class is supposed to finish at 9:20, but we got out early around 9.  Then I went over to the Union, got a cup of coffee at Einstein's, and found a place to hang out for almost two hours.  Usually, I'll only have about an hour and a half to wait before my next class.  I already know I'm going to have a ton of reading to do this semester, so I'll try to use this time to work on stuff.  I headed back to the language building for my 11am Spanish Literature class.  I was pretty nervous about this class because I have heard from several people how advanced UNT's Spanish department is.  My teacher is very animated and friendly, but I need to get used to his accent because he is from Spain and speaks very differently than my past instructors, who have been from Mexico and Puerto Rico.  He discussed the syllabus, class guidelines, etc. and we got started on some basic notes about literature, all in Spanish, of course!  I am definitely going to have to pay close attention in class because it is an upper level Spanish course, meaning that the discussion is pretty fast paced and in depth.  I did, however, realize that my teacher likes to embellish when he talks, so I am able to grasp the gist of what he is saying even if I miss some of the extra stuff.  The class is literature based, so I am pretty confident that I will be well-prepared for the discussions if I read and understand the texts.  My teacher also said that he rewards effort and participation, so I am going to try to volunteer and answer questions often.

I headed back to the Union after class and met up with my best friend Chelsea.  I hadn't seen her yet because she has been incredibly busy with recruitment, so it was really nice to eat lunch and spend some time with her!  I noticed a guy staring at me while we were in line waiting to order our food.  After doing a double-take and awkwardly staring at each other for a minute, I realized that it was someone I had worked with at Don Pablo's my senior year of high school!  We had been friends at work, but never hung out or talked outside of work and hadn't talked to each other since the restaurant closed.  He ended up sitting with us for a little while and we chatted.  It was really good to see him!  After he left, Chelsea and I finished our lunch and then went back to my room and hung out for a while.  I'm excited to be going to school together.  We have been really good friends for a long time and it will be really nice to get to see her a lot!  She had to go back to her sorority house to work on things for recruitment.  Rush at UNT is really interesting.  Rush starts on Monday, goes through Tuesday and Wednesday, stops on Thursday for classes, Pref is Friday night, and Bid Day is Saturday.  It's very different than how it is at Mizzou.

I dropped Chelsea off and then went back to my room and hung out there until dinner.  I went to the dining hall I have been eating at since I moved in.  As always, I got my food and sat down alone at a table, which I still hate, by the way.  About halfway through my meal, a girl must have decided that I looked absolutely lonely and pathetic and sat down at the table with me.  She was weird and would only talk about her food when I asked her questions and tried to strike up a conversation, but it was nice to have a little company nonetheless.  After dinner, I went back to my dorm and watched TV before bed.  My suite mate came over and asked if I wanted to go to a movie with her and some friends.  She is SO nice!  I decided not to go, though, because they were going to an 11:30pm showing and I knew I wouldn't last at such a late movie.  I need to find a way to return the favor to Ana.

My first day of class wasn't the most exciting, but the semester got off to a decent start.  I am excited about my classes and I am looking forward to going to the rest of them for the first time next week!

More to come,

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