Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Transferring Tales: Day 2

I decided today that I am going to document the days leading up to the first day of classes, which is this Thursday. Yesterday's Bits of My Weekend post counts as my first post of the Transferring Tales.  This is mostly for my own benefit because I think it will be interesting to see if I begin to venture out and feel more comfortable as the week goes on.

I woke up this morning around 8:30, took a shower, got ready, and felt a lot more like myself than I did yesterday.  I ventured out into the blazing heat, which was already up to almost 100 degrees before 10am, to walk around campus.  It was nice to see a lot of students out and about today, compared to yesterday when it was a dead zone.  I went to the music building to double check the time I was scheduled to audition for choir tomorrow, but I got lost and gave up.  Yes, that's right, I got lost inside the building.  It's massive!  I did, however, find my way to the library and the student union, where I wandered around.  I went to the bookstore and turned in a job application, so cross your fingers that I get some good news!  I also bought a poster for my room because, as I mentioned yesterday, the walls need a little help.  After that I went back to my dorm because I was profusely sweating and didn't want to lug a poster all over campus with me.

I came back to my room, freshened up, hung out for a little while, and then went to lunch with a few friends from high school.  I'm not a loser who doesn't know anybody!  Yay!  Seriously though, it was so nice to see some familiar faces and socialize, not to mention catch up with some people that I haven't seen in a while.  We went to this place right near campus called Mr. Chopsticks.  I had been there once before when I visited Chelsea during freshman year.  They have all kind of Asian-inspired food and is pretty good and inexpensive, so it's a winner in my book!

After lunch, I went over and saw my friend Shannon's room and hung out there for a little bit.  Then I came back to my room, decorated a little (pictures are coming soon), and laid down for a nice long nap.  By the time I woke up, I had slept through dinner, but I wasn't very hungry.  I still haven't eaten in any of the dining halls yet, so that is definitely my plan for breakfast tomorrow morning.  I took a drive around campus and the surrounding areas, just to see what was around here.  I'll probably do some more exploring tomorrow or Wednesday.  Then I came back to my room and have been hanging out here ever since.  I have been practicing for my choir audition, which is at 1pm tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

Someone knocked on my door while I was practicing (probably to make me stop haha), so I opened it and it was my suite mate.  It was so nice to meet her!  She moved in yesterday like I did, but we kept missing each other.  Her name is Ana and she is a Chemistry exchange student from Mexico.  She went here last semester as well and said she would be more than happy to show me around.  We chatted for a few minutes and kind of got to know each other and covered the basic suite mate topics (i.e. if she ever needs to go to Walmart let me know because I have a car, you can use my bathmat, etc.).  She seems very nice and I am looking forward to getting to know her more!

Overall, today was pretty low key, but I am feeling infinitely better than yesterday.  I know that I will become more comfortable here over time, but it's just my second day here.

On that note, I received a lot of sad news of different kinds today.  I'll be saying a prayer and keeping those affected in my thoughts.  We tend to be much or fortunate than we think we are.

More to come,


Cinderita said...

What a fun read! I had the experience of being a fly on the wall of your day...that wsa fun! I'll definitely be back. Lucky #20!

Stop by and visit me when you've got some time.

And keep writing. You are very good.


Brittany said...

Hoooow was your audition?! I demand an update soooon!

Cinderita said...

Sara! thank you for coming by to read my post...It's a good thing you did, I didn't realize I stopped by and FORGOT to sign up as a follower. Oops! Looking forward to the follow up to this one and find out how it all went.

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